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Hr Process & Policies

“Tell me and I forget,
Teach me and I may remember,
Involve me and I learn”

The HR Process designing is an integral part of a business. It has to be designed in such a way that it involves people and everyone’s delivery within the system should be directly connected with the greater goal & vision of the organization.

Having failed to understand this core ideology and logic, in most organizations, the HR Process is designed to meet the operational need & basic functionality of the company rather than the goal & vision. Sustainability & growth should be the focus. Not survival & day-to-day existence.

By using this in the right way, organizations can easily connect people with the core vision of the company. It acts as a bridge. Rightly designed processes will create clarity & purpose within an organization. It has the power to bring people together with a unanimous focus. Such focus gives bundle of energy. Such energy ensures a motivated environment. We invite you to capitalize this power and tap the unexplored areas of your organization and open doors to new horizons & possibilities by using our highly effective consulting tool “CORPORATE SCIENCES” & “ENVIRONMENTAL TRANSFORMATION SYSTEM”

Our Services:

With our rich and wide experience in this segment of advisory, we offer the following services:

  KRA/KPI (key result area / key performance index) designing across the entire organization for all level of employees
  Designing of SOP’s (standard operating procedures) for all department & inter departmental process.
  Designing of PMS & PIP (performance management system & performance improvement plan)
  HR software implementation & integration
  HR policies framing
  HR process review
  Performance review
  Quarterly & Half-yearly evaluations
  SOP’s monitoring & evaluation
  Competency Matrix preparation for the entire organization
  Training Calendar designing & floating