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Shadows Risen
... Challenging Intelligence

Shadows risen is a management consulting and business advisory firm that delivers its services in the field of consulting to enhance the quality of people, process & business in an organization and thereby enabling them to achieve growth, stability & greatness.


200,000 people have been benefited, working experience with more than 470 organizations , 15,980 hours of consulting experience, an astounding team of consultants – hand picked & uniquely trained – that's what we are

We have sculptured and carved every minute of our life's expertise that we have gained over the past two decades to present you with outstanding tools & strategies that you have never seen like none before. Leave it to us, relax. It is our duty to deliver those results you have always dreamt.

Let's explore & expand.

With Cheers

Our Clients

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Knowledge and More

Browse through Our ocean of unique case studies and articles
  • Reforming Leadership
    Strategy is not what it used to be—or what it could be. In the past 25 years it has been presented, and we have come to think of it, as an analytical problem to be solved, a left-brain exercise of sorts. This perception, combined with strategy’s high stakes, has led to an era of specialists—legions of MBAs and strategy consultants—armed with frameworks and techniques, eager to help managers analyze their industries or position their firms for strategic advantage.

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  • Become a Leader - Fundamentals
    As leaders, sometimes we’re truly “on,” and sometimes we’re not. Why is that? What separates the episodes of excellence from those of mere competence? In striving to tip the balance toward excellence, we try to identify great leaders’ qualities and behaviors so we can develop them ourselves. Nearly all corporate training programs and books on leadership are grounded in the assumption that we should study the behaviors of those who have been successful and teach people to emulate them.

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  • Asking Favours
    If you want someone to do something for you, here is an easy, non-manipulative trick. Be Polite. Ask, rather than demand. And, most importantly, tell the other person why she can do it better than you could. For example:
    1. Could you organize these flowers in some vases? You have a more artistic eye than I do and will surely do a better job.
    2. Would you mind calling the client and explaining the situation. You are more diplomatic than I am.

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  • How to be Incredible
    You are, of course, a special person. You have many talents and skills. Of course you also have weaknesses – everyone does – but your strengths count for much more. However, if being special is not good enough for you. If you want to be more than special, if you want to be incredible, you can. But you need to work at it. If being incredible were too easy, everyone would do it. On the other hand, it is not impossible. So, get to it!

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  • 3 Threats To Creativity
    Creativity is under threat. It happens whenever and wherever there's a squeeze on the ingredients of creativity, and it's happening in many businesses today. According to the Labor Department's most recent stats, productivity is up. But stretching fewer employees to cover ever more work in our jobstarved recovery is no way to run the future. Without the creativity that produces new and valuable ideas, innovation — the successful implementation of new ideas.

    Read More
  • Air India-Virgin Airways
    "We are grateful to A-I, but as it is a government regulated body, it fails to understand many commercial implications, namely, that to operate two flights a week, we need to create the same infrastructure we require to operate six. This has led to an increase in Virgin's overhead costs as the crew keeps waiting for a week. This way, we will scarcely be able to pass on the envisaged benefits to our customers."

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  • DO CO MO
    In May 2002, NTT DoCoMo (DoCoMo) Inc., Japan's largest mobile phone company, announced a net loss of ¥ 116.19 billion1 and a goodwill write-off of ¥ 624.6 billion for the fiscal ending March 2002. Though the company registered an increase in operating revenues from ¥ 4,669.37 billion in 2000-01 to ¥ 5167.14 billion, the revenue growth was stated to be well below its company expectations. Company sources attributed this to the general decline in Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) for voice services

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  • Hutch - Orange
    By the end of 2000, the sun seemed to be setting on the Hutchison empire in India, or at least on its Orange1 brand. Hong Kong-based cellphone operator Hutchison Max Telecom,2 which owned the popular Orange brand in Mumbai (India) might soon have to give it up in favor of the city's second operator, BPL-France Telecom.

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  • Kinetic Honda
    It was in August 1998 that the first chinks in the Kinetic Honda Motors Ltd. (Kinetic Honda) armor were reported by Business India. Both Honda and the Firodias of Kinetic were quick to deny rumors of a split, though reports of the Firodias quietly raising resources to buy out Honda's stake kept surfacing. The Firodias were even reported to have securitised the assets of their two-wheeler finance company - 20th Century Kinetic Finance (TCKF) - to raise this money.

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  • Dhirubhai Ambani
    "Our dreams have to be bigger. Our ambition higher.Our commitment deeper.And our efforts greater. This is my dream for Reliance and for India." - Dhirubhai Ambani.

    The 6th of July 2002 was a black day in the Indian corporate history. The Founder and Chairman of the Reliance group of Industries (Reliance) DhirajlalHirachand Ambani (Dhirubhai) died after a 13 day battle for survival.

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Clients FeedBack

Of all the programs I have seen, this was totally unique and more interesting. Prof.Gerald is an exciting speaker who makes the audience travel along with his pulse. Once you start listening to him, it becomes irresistible to keep yourself away.

VIJAYA KARTHIKEYAN IAS: Sub-Collector, Erode. !!!

The program was very informative and interesting. Prof.Gerald has the ability to transform lives.


The program has been extraordinary. It has given me a complete new perspective about life. The techniques that were thought about people management, client service and effectiveness in operation were awesome. Among any other program that I have attended, this one stands apart. Gerald is someone who could definitely bring an impact in everyone’s life. We are completely excited & are looking forward to be a part of GERALD’s program every year.

V. CLEMENT RAJKUMAR: Senior Manager Operations, MD INDIA. !!!

The session was a very thought provoking. I would like to implement all those techniques in workplace. Shadows Risen is someone who could make you see the world in a way you have never seen before.

SURESH KUMAR : Manager – Projects, CTS. !!!

More than describing it as a program, it was a session of self-exploration. It is amazing to know the power of human mind. For anyone to be successful, it is essential to understand these concepts.


He is very clear in expressing his thoughts and techniques. It was worth spending time. I would strongly recommend everyone to be a part of his programs. He can add value to both your professional and personal lives.


It’s good to see a young man with a sound knowledge bringing international techniques for the benefit of India. He has a solution for everyone, no matter who you are.


Whenever I interact with Prof.Gerald, I am always greatly inspired by his dedication and passion towards the growth of a common man or an individual or an organization. The way in which he coaches everyone, is out of the box. I believe, HE IS THE NEED OF THE HOUR.


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